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Frequently Asked Questions

For reviewers

How do I submit a review?
You can only submit a review if you receive an email invitation from UpFront Reviews. These emails are generated to the email address used when you book a stay at a property that uses SuperControl online booking system.

Can I write whatever I like?
Within reason - we use industry-standard profanity-filters because we don’t want any content on our site to cause offence. See our tips and suggestions for writing reviews and our Terms and Conditions for more detail. An owner or manager can request a review is removed if the content falls into these categories:

Why should I leave a review?
Honest feedback enables accommodation providers to see what they are doing well, and what can be improved on. It also helps other guests decide where to book their next stay.

Can I recommend other properties for review that aren’t already listed on your site?
The only way a property can be added to UpFront Reviews is if they take bookings via SuperControl. If they do (and they opt in to UpFront Reviews) their visitors automatically receive an email inviting them to review their stay, if they don’t they will not be listed on UpFront Reviews.

Will my details be seen by others?
The month in which you stayed, length of stay and your city / town are shown and, if you have given consent, your first name.

Will my details be used for anything else?
No. UpFront Reviews will contact you once providing a link through to the review form. We will email you to acknowledge receipt of your review and then notify you when it has been published.

How can I be sure that all of the reviews are verified and from genuine guests?
Only people who actually book a stay at the featured property are invited to submit a review. If they haven’t stayed at the property, they can’t submit a review. It is that simple.

How long will it take to complete the review?
Not very long at all – about 2 minutes. It depends how much you write.

For accommodation owners/managers

I want to list my property on UpFront Reviews. How do I do that?
UpFront Reviews is exclusively for self-catering accommodation owners that use SuperControl online booking system. If you would like to be listed on UpFront Reviews, please sign up with SuperControl.

I already use SuperControl, how do I list my property on UpFront Reviews?
To opt in log in to your SuperControl account and go to UpFront Reviews. Start by adding an image and description for your business. You will then be able to enable individual properties for receiving reviews.

How much extra will it cost me?
Nothing - UpFront Reviews is included in your SuperControl licence fee.

What control do I have and can I decide what questions are asked?
All reviewers are required to complete the following fields: a star-rating of their stay; review title; review. You can also add your own questions, these will not show publicly on your listing on UpFront Reviews and are for your information only.

Do I need to reply to feedback at all?
We strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to respond to any issues raised by the review, it builds your credibility if you do. Some accommodation owners reply to every review, thanking those that leave positive feedback and commenting on any negative feedback. It might be the only chance you get.

How do I respond to negative feedback?
It is important to try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and not take any criticisms too personally. Don’t make false promises, if you promise a follow up action, ensure that it happens. Try to remain polite and courteous, and don’t fall in to the trap of being sarcastic. Even if you do not want the person who gave you a negative review to return, your response is a public display of the customer service that you offer to many other potential visitors to your property.

Who can see the reviews?
Reviews can appear on your website if you link to UpFront Reviews. You can also share reviews on your Facebook page. All of the feedback (star-rating, review title, review and photos) will be shown within your profile on www.UpFrontReviews.com. Any custom questions that you add, along with the answers submitted, will NOT be visible. N.B. The reviewer can also share their review on social media.

Can I stop negative feedback from being displayed?
No. However we do reserve the right to remove a review that is offensive. If you dislike a review that is displayed, you can opt out from UpFront Reviews and your property listings and ALL reviews will be removed from UpFrontReviews.com. You can request a review is removed if the content falls into one of these categories:

Are owner bookings included?
No, because for the most-part owner bookings have no email address or customer name so we don’t have the minimum required info to make it possible. Also because the reviews are about the property but on behalf of the agency so the correspondence sent to the guest is from the agency. Mismatch.

Will my existing reviews still show?
They will show on the owner/manager’s website as applied by the web developer but reviews placed in other systems will not be imported into UpFront Reviews because they are not verified. UpFront Reviews appearing on client websites through the SuperControl API will be displayed in a javascript box with UFR branding so they are clearly separated from external reviews.

If I disable an individual property will the score still count towards my business rating?
You can disable individual properties whilst continuing to collect reviews for other properties. When you disable a property its score will no longer count towards your overall business score. If you later decide to re-enable a property the legacy reviews will again count towards your overall business score.